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JCR-Tech offers a broad range of electronic engineering, design & prototyping services, specialist industrial electronic repair, pro-audio & Hi-Fi servicing.


Electronic Engineering Solutions


We specialize in design, research and development, independent product evaluation, and offer specialist electronic service and repair. We can provide a consultancy service to provide production testing solutions, and can design and construct custom testing fixtures from simple mechanical jigs to embedded microprocessor controlled fixtures.


We have a very well equipped electronics lab, and also have an in-house industrial workshop with full metal turning, plastic turning, milling, plastic welding, MIG and TIG welding. We can design and manufacture custom solutions, provide electro/mechanical prototyping services, manufacture custom parts and components, as well as make replacement parts for unsupported or obsolete devices, products or machinery. Find out more...


Industrial Electronics service & Repair

We undertake component level diagnostics and repairs to industrial electronic devices or industrial control systems, with or without schematics or documentation. We are able to repair “obsolete” or “unfixable” industrial devices, and where required can even design and supply custom replacement boards or modules in place of obsolete boards or modules – saving companies the massive expense of replacing an entire machine or updating a production line and associated operator training.


We are also able to undertake component level repairs to computers – many manufacturers and production lines rely on aging computers and interface cards requiring old or obsolete motherboard slots or standards, or rely on software that will not run on a modern PC.  Find out more...

Pro-Audio & Hi-Fi Stereo service & Repair


We also offer a specialist pro-audio and Hi-Fi repair service. We can undertake repairs to PA systems, sound reinforcement systems, DJ equipment, lighting, guitar amplifiers, effects pedals, mixing consoles,  interface cards, piano keyboards, synthesizers and digital pianos of any vintage. We are always interested in hearing from musicians with unique requirements and challenges. Find out more....