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Industrial Electronics Service, Repair & Preventative Maintenance

Industrial Electronic PCB

We troubleshoot and repair all electronic, power electronic, and computer hardware down to the individual component level. This is a skill that has become increasingly rare as electronics devices have increased in complexity and decreased in cost. It has become standard practice to replace PCBs or swap-out modules without skill or diagnostics. The practice of board and module replacement becomes a problem when the parts are no longer available, or the lead times are weeks or months.


We are design engineers, and can undertake complex repairs and diagnostics with or without schematics, documentation or manufactures support. We are able to provide engineered solutions and carry out modifications to resolve problems, to resolve reliability issues, or when replacement parts are obsolete or hard to source. We are always ready for a challenge, and take pride in restoring "unrepairable" devices.



We specialise but are not limited to the repair, service and preventative maintenance of the following:

  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Linear power supplies
  • Battery chargers
  • Inverters, motors drives, UPS systems
  • Strain gauge and load cell amplifiers
  • Data logging systems
  • Process control and monitoring systems
  • precision Instrumentation and measurement systems
  • Any industrial control system from sewing machine motor servos to CNC control systems.
  • Specialist computer interface cards and modules.


Electromechanical Repair

We have a very well equipped industrial workshop with full metal turning, plastic turning, milling, plastic welding, MIG and TIG welding. We are able to repair or fabricate replacement mechanical parts for machines that are obsolete,  hard to source, no longer supported by the manufacturer, or simply have long lead times.

Reverse Engineering

We are able to reverse engineer and manufacture replacement modules for unsupported or obsolete machines and custom control systems.  If you have any special requirements you would like to discuss, don't hesitate to contact us.


Follow this link for more information on our engineering services.



Integrated circuits and crystals