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Hi-Fi Stereo & Pro-Audio Service & Repair

We are both enthusiasts and specialists in the service and repair of  Hi-Fi and pro-audio equipment.


Quality audio equipment and Hi-Fi in general is arguably an exception when it comes to electronic consumerism. A high quality well made amplifier manufactured over 30 years ago, when properly maintained, can still compete favorably with it's modern equivalent. Hi-Fi seems to tap directly into human nature, many owners of quality audio systems form sentimental bonds with their equipment in much the same way musicians do with their instruments. Early amplifiers such as the QUAD 303 & 33 were designed in the mid 60s - yet 50 years later this is still both a visually and sonically desirable item to own, and even today these amplifiers still regularly change hands for around $1000.

Michell gyrodec turntable

When we service or repair your Hi-Fi or pro-audio equipment we undertake the work responsibly, and our philosophy is to "tread lightly, and leave no trace". We are engineers, and always adopt quality practices to ensure the fault is properly repaired, not just "patched up". We diagnose the fault, and only replace the parts that are required. We always check and where appropriate will recommend if preventative maintenance is needed. We always replace parts with equal or higher quality, and when possible, even source the same component. For example, the sonic characteristics can be subtly changed by substituting different brands or dielectrics of capacitors - even if the electrical specifications match, and the device still meets it's original specifications. Many musicians are familiar with having their guitar amplifier refurbished only to find the "sound" they have grown to love is no longer present.

NAD Power Amplifier with lid removed
B&W 800d studio monitor loudspeaker

After undertaking the repair we soak test the unit for at least 24 hours, and when specifications are available, we also routinely undertake performance tests to ensure the product still meets the manufacturer's specification.


We can undertake repairs to PA systems, sound reinforcement systems, DJ equipment, lighting, guitar amplifiers, effects pedals, mixing consoles,  interface cards, piano keyboards, synthesizers and digital pianos of any vintage. We are always interested in hearing from musicians with unique challenges and requirements.


All work undertaken is guaranteed, if the item fails within 12 months, and the failure is deemed by us to be as a consequence of work undertaken we will repair the fault free of charge.

Yamaha Stage Piano
Marshall Quad Box

We are located in Burleigh heads on the Queensland gold coast. We are happy to undertake work from customers Australia wide, but the owner must take responsibility for the arrangement, costs, and insurance associated with the transit.